Tip: Transfer eBook from Computer to iOS, Android & Kindle Devices

Having problems transferring your eBook files from your computer to a specific device? Don't fret, here's how:

Computer to iPads/iPhones:

Follow the steps below to get the PDF or ePub file from your Mac computer onto your iPad/iPhone:

  • Click the IQS file link once you receive the confirmation email bearing your purchase onto your computer. It will show you three file versions: PDF, ePub and .Mobi versions. Choose either PDF or ePub file versions to transfer to your iPad or iPhone.
  • Make sure you open iTunes on your computer. Add the file version to your iTunes library (File > Add To Library…).
  • With iTunes open, connect your iPad/iPhone to your computer using its USB charger.
  • On the left, click on your iPad/iPhone device through iTunes.
  • Go to the “Books” tab. From there, make sure to check mark the eBook that you want to sync.
  • Make sure your devices are all properly synced with your iCloud account.
  • Your iPad/iPhone will sync with iTunes. Once synching is done, your ebook will be in your iBooks app. If for some reason, your eBook is not showing up on iTunes. An alternative would be to open iBooks on Mac and add it from there.
  • There's a possibility that you already have the eBook file on your device but you may have no idea where the file is. To search the eBook file, please use the Spotlight feature on your iPad.
  • NOTE: For those who are using Windows PC, you can also download it's version here or choose the latest version on their website. The process would still be the same when synching your eBooks from iTunes to your iPhone/iPad.

For Android:

  • Download PDF/ePub versions to your computer.
  • From computer, transfer them via Bluetooth or USB device to your Android device.
  • Make sure you have an eReader app suitable for PDF or ePub like Acrobat Reader.

For Kindle:

  • Use USB Port (or micro usb cable) just like it was an external hard drive. Place any .mobi files in the Books folder, and place .pdf and other formats in the Documents folder.
  • Once you've added your files, you may need to restart the Kindle to get it to recognise your new books.
  • You can also follow the Amazon Download Instructions instead.


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