How to download eBooks to Android Devices

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There are several eBook eReader apps that to choose from Google Play Store and it's definitely up to you on which eReaders you are after. 

The most basic one are Google Play Books and Aldiko Book Reader and they support PDF and ePub file versions.

Another eReader app that most people would be familiar of is Amazon Kindle and this supports the .Mobi file version. You can read our separate instructions for that here

We don't particularly have a guide or instructions for you since downloading and syncing will vary depending on the eReader app you choose. However, we do recommend these 15 eBook eReader apps for you. Please check the article below:

15 Best eBook eReader Apps on Android!

Note: If your download expires before you have a chance to download it, we will provide an alternative link via Hightail. Rest assured that the download process would still be the same as mentioned above. Please contact us at and include your full name and Order ID.

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