How to download eBooks to Computers / Laptops

Follow the steps below to download your eBook to a computer or laptop. 

  • After you have purchased your eBook(s), wait for your email confirmation.
  • Open the confirmation email and click on the Download Files. It will redirect you to the IQS Store site. If you already have an account, it's best to login from there.


  • If you are logged in as a registered user, click View Order Status on the left side menu. You will see your recent (or previous orders). 


  • From either of these links, you will see three, different file versions. If you don't know which one to pick, we explained it all here. For computers and laptops we suggest downloading the PDF file, by clicking the PDF file from the list (see example below).
  • Please note that the file download links expire within 21 days or after 3 downloads.


  • If you used the Downloads Folder as your default folder, your eBook purchase will be saved there. You may wish to transfer the file to an alternative folder for future use.

Note: If your download expires before you have a chance to download it, we will provide an alternative link via Hightail. Rest assured that the download process would still be the same as mentioned above. Please contact us at and include your full name and Order ID.

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