Do you use sweetener?

We’ve committed to only using half a teaspoon per serve of added sweetener in the recipes on and regularly consult with a team of dietitians on this matter. Occasionally in a super special treat you might find a little more, in which case we’ll flag it in the recipe. And where possible, we prefer to use naturally sweet foods such as coconut, sweet potato, and nuts in our recipes.

The only sweeteners we use are rice malt syrup and stevia. Rice malt syrup is made from rice, and stevia comes from the leaves of the stevia plant. These are both great alternatives to artificial sweeteners.  

With stevia a little goes a long way. Brands vary so if you stick with the one you've got just reduce the amount you use in recipes.

Is the 8-Week Program different?

On the 8-Week Program, we advise cutting out  all sweeteners, including fruit, rice malt syrup and stevia, from weeks two to five. This is to break the sugar addiction and for your body to recalibrate, just for that short period.

In week six of the 8-Week Program, we encourage everyone to reintroduce fruit and small amounts of sweetener and read how their bodies take to it. It's intended to be a gentle experiment to work out what's best for you. 

What about artificial sweeteners?

Sarah has written a post regarding artificial sweeteners and why there is a need to avoid them. You can also read our guide to sugar-free substitutes to help you get the best fructose-free sweeteners.


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