What kinds of ingredients will I need?

All ingredients on the Program are seasonal, so depending on the Program you choose (Summer or Winter) the ingredients will be different. We aim to use cheaper cuts of meats, avoid food wastage and encourage you to freeze leftovers where possible.


If you can’t find an ingredient or simply aren’t a fan of it, don’t worry! We will be able to help you find an alternative via the online Forums. Plus the Meal Plans are flexible, so you can easily swap a meal for another one on the Meal Plan, or use a recipe from our website.


Where can I get them?

Farmers’ markets and the discount section of your grocer are great spots to grab some bargains! As part of the Program, you'll have access to the forums, which are a great place to chat to the IQS Team, Experts and other members for advice on keeping your grocery shop thrifty and affordable.


Are they expensive?

While the 8-Week Program does include some more expensive ingredients (such as coconut oil, nuts and coconut products), it is possible to modify the Program to suit your budget. On average, the Meal Plans cost around $100 per week, however this may vary slightly depending on how well stocked your pantry is already (spices, oils, etc). The first couple of shopping lists may be more expensive as you stock up, but again, this depends on what items you already have.


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