I have a busy work schedule, will it work for me?

We have had many busy workers complete the Program, including shift workers. How you chose to go about the Program is totally dependent on you and your body. Everybody does this differently. We have tailored our Program to be easily adjusted to suit your lifestyle and offer a number of resources that will help you along the way. 

If our Meal Plans don’t work with your schedule on a certain day, we have a bunch of extra recipes to choose from so that you can still prepare a sugar-free meal that is a little easier to eat on the run. We also have a whole Fact Sheet dedicated to shift-workers with suggestions so that the 8 weeks is as easy for you as possible.

We also have a variety of snack options to get you through the day. On the Program, we try to cut down on snacking, however we understand that you may need to sustain yourself over the late shift. If you are able to, we recommend being mindful and only eating when you need to, rather than because you have the option to.

Our online 24/7 forum will also enable you to chat with other IQS members in similar situations. They are always happy to help and provide use tips.

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