I’m signed up and ready to start, what can I do beforehand?

The first thing you will be able to access is the Starter Kit. This is to help you prepare for the start of the Program. One the Program officially begins, we'll be unveiling new content every day on the 8-Week Program site. Make sure you check in regularly so you do not miss a thing.

The scheduling of the Program is done behind the scenes and deliberately planned so that you receive information when it is needed. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to release information early. We really want you to be working with the freshest ingredients possible which, once you have your pantry essentials, should all be easily purchased from your local store. 

Until the Program kicks off we recommend trying to reduce your sugar intake on your own to best prepare yourself for the Program. We have a huge range of recipes on the IQS website available to everyone, it is a good to give these a go! Check them out here: https://iquitsugar.com/recipe/

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